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Vacuum casting system from Iprotech allows engineers and designers to produce high quality parts that closely replicate the performance attributes of injection moulded parts, without the associated long lead times and process overheads.

Vacuum casting is a highly versatile technology capable of producing parts in a range of resins, to replicate and replace engineering polymers for prototypes and small amount production.

Typical applications include consumer products, automotive lenses, housings and enclosures, scientific and healthcare products for a diverse range of industries and fields.

The vacuum casting processes are as following:

1,Create first mould: use 3D SLA or CNC machining way to create the first mould per 3D model provided by customer.

2, Make silicone mould: Make a proper container and put the first mould into the container, then pour liquid silicone and hardening agent to the container to cover the first mould under vacuum condition. Put the container in an room temperature condition for about 8 hours for hardening, then cut the hardened silicone mould and take out the first mould.

3, Casting for parts: pour liquid resin and hardening agent to the mould under vacuum condition, then put it in an oven with 60°-70° temperature for 30~60 minutes for hardening. Take out the part and then repeat the process.

Iprotech equippes with 2x vacuum pumping machines. Our capcacity as following:

  • Hard plastics(ABS, Nylon, POM..), elastomer parts(silicone, PU) and clear parts.

  • The accuracy can be achieved to +/-0.1mm.

Start your project today! The team at Iprotech is always fulfilled with passion and professionalism to assist you to turn your innovative ideas into practical solution.