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  • Deep Drawn Prototype Stamping

    Equips 600 ton hydraulic presses for deep drawn prototype stamping. By using rapid prototyping technologies, we can quickly supply high quality deep drawn prototypes or small amount production for 1 to 500 parts from 7 to 25 days. The raw materials of deep drawn stamping include CRCQ steel, SAPH series steel, stainless steel etc.

  • NCT Sheet Metal Prototype Stamping

    Different to sheet metal prototype deep draw stamping by using hydraulic pressing technology, Iprotech equips 3 NC presses for quick turn sheet metal prototype stamping and small amount production for 1 to 1000 sheet metal prototypes from 7 to 15 days, and the maximum size of prototype stamping parts can up to 100 x 50 inches.

  • Prototype Precise CNC Machining Service

    Equipped 15 high-precision 3-axis and 4-axis CNC milling machines ensure Iprotech team to supply quick quality CNC machining aluminum parts, CNC machining steel parts, CNC machining plastic parts and custom hardware with quite competitive price. The machining precision can be up to ±0.01mm or even higher per demand.

  • SLA Rapid Prototyping Service

    30 high-performance 3D SLA printers provide high quality rapid prototyping service. Iprotech supplies high- accuracy SLA parts in white, clear and elastomer which are being widely used in design phase of toys, art-crafts, motors and medical device etc.

  • Prototype Plastic Vacuum Casting

    Using soft silicon mold based on parent parts made by CNC machining or 3D SLA printing technology, Iprotech provides another rapid prototyping service which we call it as Plastic Vacuum Casting for both hard plastics and elastomer parts.

  • Laser Cutting for Prototype Stamping

    Most of prototype stampings need quick quality cutting and trimming process, so Iprotech equips precise laser cutters for prototyping needs. Comparing with traditional blanking or stamping tools, it provides a much faster way for prototyping.

  • Prototype Coating &Painting

    Iprotech supplies high quality powder coating, spray painting, non-sticky coating, high-temp spray painting and other specific coating and painting service for CNC machining prototypes, deep drawn metal stamping prototypes and small amount sheet metal production parts. Follow ASTM D3276 – 07 inspecting standard.

  • Prototype Anodizing &Plating

    Anodizing treatment for aluminum prototypes with a variety of color choosing options (green, red, golden, etc.). Shining chrome and nickel plating for metal and ABS rapid prototyping parts, including CNC machining prototypes, deep drawn metal stamping prototypes and small amount production metal parts.

  • Prototype Vitreous Enameling

    Iprotech Prototype is one of the top-rank suppliers to provide high quality vitreous enamel coating finish for deep drawn sheet metal stamping prototypes, NC stamping sheet metal prototypes, casting iron prototypes and CNC machining steel prototypes with a variety of color choosing options (red, blue, black, white, etc.).